back to work.

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

and not in the good artsy jewelry making sort of way.  it was back to the office for me this morning - and it was a gray, rainy morning, mirroring the way i felt.  sigh.  and of course, inspiration hits at inopportune moments, but i'm hoping to have some time to work on some new ring designs.

i did have some time to try to make a copper version of the tiny bud earrings, but quickly found out that copper has different melting properties than sterling.  much different.  i think i went through a whole tank of butane and now i have a whole bunch of twisted, charred wire fragments littering my workspace.  but i'm determined to get it right... so stay tuned. 

in the meantime... i'm totally loving the freelance whales.  what a nice surprise.  a little bit of ride, a little bit of swervedriver, a little bit of chapterhouse with a sprinkling of belle & sebastian.  because, of course, we can always just be friends.  yummy.


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