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>> Monday, October 12, 2009

unlike some of my other crafty friends, i am NOT a scrapbooker. i wish i was - when i go to michael's with my sister, i totally covet the scrapbooking papers and supplies, but i just don't have the patience to make one. sigh. the poor mini.

however, sometimes the husband has the BEST ideas. the other day, he suggested that we register an email address for the mini before someone else took it. then he said that he wanted us to start emailing her - not every day - but as things happened in her life, our thoughts and feelings. then, when she is old enough to read, she'll have this wonderful record of her life through our eyes. i have to admit that it made me teary thinking that he thought of such a sweet idea for our baby.

so now she has an email address. and we've started writing to her. and we've told other family members to write to her too. she won't have a scrapbook, but hopefully, she's have an email inbox full of love letters by the time she can read. we love you, mini!


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