dreaming of a handmade christmas!

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

i can't believe that it's december already. i remember being pregnant at this time last year and thinking, "next year, the mini will be about 8 months old... how far away that seems!" and here we are, another holiday season upon us. i've finished up some ring orders, and find myself thinking about new designs for the new year...
i am very proud of myself this christmas - almost everything i will be giving as gifts is handmade! from the fantastic reclaimed cedar soapdishes from andrewsreclaimed, to smilemoon's star candle holder, to the fragrant handmade soap from sudsandsuch, and dichroic glass from combustionglassworks, i've been collecting everything in a box as i purchase them. i'm sure i've bought more than i need, but then i can give presents to myself! i've also bought way too many things for the mini, and given them to her already. oh well. it's her first christmas!!!!!!!!


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