For the Love of Denny...

>> Saturday, July 18, 2009

my wonderful friend Laurie has been helping me get caught up on my favorite shows, now that i spend most of my time sitting on the couch breastfeeding the mini. i made it through all of the episodes of "Sex and the City" - and the movie - thanks to her! so now, i'm motoring through Grey's Anatomy! i have been an avid watcher since it started (my other friend Vet said that she got addicted because apparently the Sandra Oh character reminds her of me), but when i got pregnant, i was usually in bed by the time it came on.
i'm currently on Season Two. the one where Denny Duquette makes his entrance. oh Denny! seriously, i can't look at him without tearing up. i am definitely NOT a fan of the whole "ghost" storyline the writers gave him this season (the husband thinks it was just godawful and HATES seeing Denny), but just thinking about how much he loved Izzy just makes my heart ache. maybe it's the hormones. i know i should be trying to sleep - the mini is not sleeping through the night, thursday night was definitely a fluke, sigh! - but i'm glued to the tv.

i guess it's better than watching "twilight" for the 20th time. oh wait, i could do that too...
(why are they standing in a field? very unsanitary.)


Seven Straight Hours of Sleep!

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

seriously. i haven't had seven consecutive hours of sleep in 13 weeks!!! and last night, the mini slept from 9:30pm to 4:30am!!!! i'm posting it here in case i need a reminder one day!


I Tried to Tweet. Plus the Joys of Immunization

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

i've been exploring new ways to market my jewelry, and there are quite a few people who say that twitter really helps to get the word out there. so i sign up. and immediately get overwhelmed. apparently now, i am following over 250 fellow "tweeters" ("tweetees"? "tweets"? "tweetians"?). when i log in, there are hundreds of updates, most of them not really related to anything that i'm interested in. i am finding it hard to search for people i might know. i am finding it even more incredible that several chinese schoolgirls, all with almost identical photos, want to follow my tweets. i definitely do not click on their suspicious tinyurl links - inane hello kitty videos? remakes of 80's pop songs? porn? there was a hysterical fake account under brad pitt's name, but twitter took it down, i guess because it was fake.

i have tweeted - 4 times to be exact - despite the gut feeling i have that it's kind of futile. today i tweeted about the mini's first set of immunizations - the husband and i were very nervous, and i asked my mom to come with me. seriously, it pretty much bordered on horrific. first, we gave her an oral suspension, which caused her to throw up all over me and the chair i was sitting on. the nurses in the clinic didn't even bat an eye - and also did not help. then, three needles, one in her left leg, and two in her right. she didn't scream like i expected, just this little surprised yelp, then this sorrowful, sad cry. as parents, you work so hard to keep your babies clean, fed, and happy, and here i was, holding my sad, chubby baby as she cried, sitting in a puddle of vomit, three little band aids on her legs.

plus, a disposable breast pad found its way into the washer. did you know that they are filled with little expandable jelly-like bead type thingys? wtf?

makes tweeting seem kind of inane, doesn't it?

(muffintopdesign@twitter just in case you're interested)


Trying Out A New Look... What Do You Think?

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i have a new banner. (look up) i'm trying out new looks for my blog - since i've been on maternity leave i have a lot of time to read other people's blogs and i've been quite impressed at how beautiful some of them are! so, i'm trying to "prettify" my space now too.

i just wish i knew how they get those wonderful layouts! my HTML knowledge is quite limited so i've resigned myself to just fooling around with what blogger offers.

the mini's new crib set
i also went shopping today with the mini muffin and my cousin and her kids in search of the perfect crib set... and i was pleasantly surprised when she found a gorgeously beautiful one hidden in the clearance section of our local Winners store! here are some pics of the mini's nursery - it's made a HUGE difference! i can't wait to add accessories etc. - we've both been browsing etsy like mad for decals. i'll post before and after pictures once we're done. who knew i'd be so excited about decorating an NURSERY??!!? it must be the estrogen. :)


Rings, Rings, and More Rings!

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

i've been working on some fantastic custom ring orders... i'm pretty stoked! i love the textures and contrasts!!!

i've also been mulling over ring designs in my head lately (mostly while mindlessly flicking through the channels from the breastfeeding "lounge") and used some of my spare time putting these prototypes together. i'm not sure if i'm 100% sold on them - they are a little too spiky, i think - but i LOVE the textures! any thoughts?

my cousin and i have also been discussing nursery decor - i never did get around to decorating the mini's room the way i wanted to since she arrived 10 days early - and my cousin is due in october. we've been surfing etsy and the web for ideas... d*mn you, target, for not delivering to canada! - and going shopping on tuesday. i've never been the shopping type, but the idea of making the mini's room an even happier place to be is kinda exciting - and making sure the handmade movement is duly represented! i'll post before and after pics when we're done!
p.s. i took the plunge and am now on flickr!


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