dixie chick divorce

>> Friday, August 8, 2008

when i logged onto the internet today, i read that emily robison - from the dixie chicks - and her husband, charlie robison, have divorced. i'm a closet fan of the chicks (the husband says i must be the only asian cowgirl in canada), love their music, and love their documentary "shut up and sing". so i have to admit that i was a little sad to hear this news.
i suppose that because we're trying to have a baby, watching emily and her sister martie's struggles with fertility treatments were kind of comforting. and i really admire their sense of family and closeness.
just sad, i guess.
(and makes me a little more appreciative of the husband, despite his asian cowgirl jokes.)


Does This Mean I'm A wRapper? *insert laugh here*

>> Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I finally conquered the art of the wire wrapped briolette!! another new year's resolution down! (i really should keep count, LOL!) for some reason, the whole technique has eluded me for about a year and i finally gave up, despite having made a hundred wire wrapped rings. but then, i guess i had an epiphany!!! i got up early yesterday morning and sat down with a pink crystal briolette and twisted and wrapped it... and the rest is history!

i love the way they've turned out, kind of like little whimsical wire wrapped hats for beautiful briolettes!

yay for wire! yay for briolettes! and yay for me finally figuring it out!


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