everybody talks.

>> Saturday, March 10, 2012

i wanted to post the official video for the neon trees' "1983" but since i had already put it up here, i wasn't going to do a rerun. (but check it out, it's pretty darn stinkin' cute)

however, the mini loves "1983" and in surfing youtube, we found the animated version of "everybody talks" - how could i not post it? seriously, this band tears me away from my usual melancholy sad b*stard music playlists, and makes me dance around the kitchen.


tea party. no, not the band.

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2012

it's funny how every little girl - at least out of my nieces - seems to be inevitably and irresistably drawn to the idea of a tea party.  my kid is no exception.  out of a nesting frenzy, i put together a dresser for her room and somehow ended up moving all the furniture around, washing all her linens, and arranging things in a more play-friendly manner.

of course, the first thing she did was pull out all of the tea party supplies that she owns (thank GOD she is one of the last children and has a plethora of hand-me-down pink plastic teacups and pots) and set up her little "friends" around the table.  and now, two weeks later, we are still playing with the same tea party configuration.  she now loves her room even more. 

funny enough, i now want to make her room even more kid-friendly - pictures, prints, decals, maybe some more tea party chairs.  say goodbye to our budget.

(oh, and i found a blackberry app that gets a similar results as the iPhone instamatic app. make sure you download the add-on package that includes the "memories" filter.  thank you, blackberry gods!)


she went quietly.

i realized that i have been quite neglectful of my little blog as of late, but i've been working really hard to catch up on work at the office since i have a week of vacation coming up, plus i am getting audited by the government (yay, thank goodness i have an accountant & hopefully he can help me muddle through this mess) and things in the shop have been very quiet. doesn't mean that i'm not here though! and all this after i gave becks a lecture about not updating her blog more.

today, on the cusp of what is most likely going to be a crazy, sh*tstorm of a day at the office, i am sharing this lovely song by english singer/songwriter charlie winston, and once you get past the fact that the dude looks like a chic hobo (he even has a song called "like a hobo", no joke), you will learn to love this song. melancholy and sad, it makes the perfect soundtrack to quiet afternoons working on data entry while sitting in the late winter sunshine.


daily dose of handmade.

>> Sunday, March 4, 2012

with the imminent demise of heartsy (RIP), i think that many of us sellers are quite sad.  i have to admit, having run 3 sales through them, i have been able to generate tons of traffic and some repeat customers, which i would have NEVER been able to do on my own.  while i am puzzled as to why they are closing so quickly, it makes me wonder what else is out there in regards to marketing myself.

julie and i have been brainstorming (honestly, julie is the brain power behind this, i feel like i am just following along and helping between naps) and we have started up a very small but hopefully very exciting blog, where buyers can sign up and enjoy wicked deals.  called "the daily dose of handmade" or DDH for short, blog members can access the discount on specially selected items from etsy sellers.  hopefully, we will have enough sellers that we can change things up daily.  we are working out the bugs as we speak, but we are now live!  you can check us out HERE - and you can get a pair of my wishbone earrings for 40% off!

we don't know where this is going to take us - if anywhere at all - but you can't blame two gals for taking some initiative.  and sellers - if you want to be featured, let us know too!  (dailyhandmade@gmail.com)


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