she went quietly.

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i realized that i have been quite neglectful of my little blog as of late, but i've been working really hard to catch up on work at the office since i have a week of vacation coming up, plus i am getting audited by the government (yay, thank goodness i have an accountant & hopefully he can help me muddle through this mess) and things in the shop have been very quiet. doesn't mean that i'm not here though! and all this after i gave becks a lecture about not updating her blog more.

today, on the cusp of what is most likely going to be a crazy, sh*tstorm of a day at the office, i am sharing this lovely song by english singer/songwriter charlie winston, and once you get past the fact that the dude looks like a chic hobo (he even has a song called "like a hobo", no joke), you will learn to love this song. melancholy and sad, it makes the perfect soundtrack to quiet afternoons working on data entry while sitting in the late winter sunshine.


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