50 shades of all f*-d up.

>> Sunday, July 8, 2012

selena gomez being corrupted
i firmly put the blame of my recent reading of the scandalous "50 shades of grey" on the propaganda that surrounds it's publication.  (and the fact that everyone i know is either reading it or already has finished it - i betcha A is going to come back pregnant from her honeymoon)  i know that i probably should be re-reading 'game of thrones' and try to enjoy it more, but i'm not.  i am definitely not a lemming when it comes to my literary choices, but i do like to stay current on the things that make the news - and threaten to short out e-readers on a global scale.  i have to admit, it is addictive, and probably health-endangering - in the way that very fattening, dulce de leche haagen daaz ice cream is for you (crap, now i want ice cream) - but not the most thought-provoking of storylines. (plus it was my birthday this week so i deserve something perhaps a little mindless and a little bit fun.)  maybe it's the mental health professional in me, but i keep seeing the glaring character flaws in both christian grey and anastasia steele, and think that maybe instead of having so much s-e-x, they should perhaps add some more heavy-duty psychotherapy into their schedule.

but that's just me.  back to the book.  and maybe some haagen daaz. 


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