>> Friday, July 23, 2010

i seriously used to be a gym rat. almost 9 years ago, i was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol and fatty liver. yeah, YUCK. when i write that, i am kind of disgusted with myself, for letting myself go, for the folly of youth, the siren call of Ronald McDonald, and that at 28 years old, my doctor told me that i was at risk for a "coronary event". that does NOT sound like a party, let me tell you. and getting better was also no easy task! a healthy diet, medication and a gym membership - courtesy of my loving husband - was the cure. now, i'm doing pretty well health-wise, and my cholesterol is within normal levels. YAY ME! (insert cheesy commercial smile here)

however, the last time i set foot in our gym was probably sometime in april. and i know that since the mini was born, i've been to the gym a total of 10 times. maybe. it's not about the weight - i'm about 20 pounds lighter than i was pre-pregnancy - but i'm flabby. i am surprised that i still have muscle tone. my muffin top has several muffin top friends. i miss exercising. i miss lifting weights. and most of all, i miss running. before i got too pregnant to run, i was pounding out a good 2 - 3K every second day on the treadmill, then jumping on the stationary bike and doing another 2 - 3K. i loved the way it made me feel. as i got bigger, i downgraded the running to a brisk walk - i saw it as training for labor. (yeah. as if you can train to give birth, LOL! but i am convinced it helped make it easier!) fitness-wise, i am so determined to get back to where i was before! so, i think i am going to try the "Couch to 5K" program (thank you, @kristinglas!) to try to get back into running. and this time, i am going to try to take the mini along for the ride in the stroller. it is really important to me that she learn how crucial exercise is. because it saved my life.

(thanks to the surlymermaid for such a gorgeous photo. and yes, i will be running in proper running shoes.)


setting stones.

>> Monday, July 19, 2010

lately, things have seemed very busy. if it's not work, it's unpacking. if it's not unpacking, it's the mini clamoring for attention. if it's not the mini, it's the husband (usually he's hungry or can't find something.) but i've been carving out some precious ME time lately to explore my newest obsession... setting stones! i'm proud (and sorta shy) to share this stacking ring set - from top to bottom, garnet, amber and turquoise, all set in sterling and accompanied by various simple sterling stacking bands. it's funny though - i would have thought that the mini would not be interested in what i've been doing, but she loves to watch the flame on my torch (she points and says, "HOT!) and takes off with my rawhide mallet whenever she gets the chance.

think it's been worth the sleepless nights this week? i'd like to think so! hopefully soon i'll have them in my shop - once i stop making them for myself!


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