punching in a dream.

>> Wednesday, November 23, 2011

if the mini could make a playlist, this song would be her number one pick for today.  we love love love this song - techno, ethereal, and just plain old awesome.  thank you, the naked and famous(don't we all wish to be naked and famous?  well, i'd settle for just being famous.  or at least looking better naked.)

btw - if you sign up to be on their mailing list, they'll send you a bonus track.  how cool is that????


heartsy. last one of the year!

>> Tuesday, November 22, 2011

heartsy is hosting my last deal of the year - and the first one as TheLovelySmith!  so come on over and check it out HERE - there are only 22 vouchers left! 


the itty bitty gift guide. part 5 & 6.

the GG for the guys in your life...

... and for the kids (or kids at heart!)

maybe it's the fact that we set up our tree this weekend - seriously, having a kid really makes you become more invested in traditions - but i can't stop thinking of gift ideas. too bad i'm almost done all of my xmas shopping...


the itty bitty gift guide. part 3 & 4.

>> Sunday, November 20, 2011

yes, i am on a rampage. i can't stop thinking of gift guides to make. plus with the plethora (yes, i used plethora in a sentence) of goodness out there on etsy, how can i not? enjoy!

(parts 5 and 6 to follow)


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