showing off. again.

>> Saturday, November 5, 2011

 just showing off some new designs - the above is a thicker, more substantial version of my sterling knotted up ring.  it must have been a good one because my mother - who is notoriously hard to please - loved it right away and claimed it for her own.  yes, mom, it's yours.

and the newest addition to my "we are in love" collection - a rose gold filled heart floating ethereally from an oxidized rolo-type chain.  i seriously can't take mine off.  i am going to also make sterling and 14K gold filled versions as well... a girl can't have too many hearts. 


after midnight.

>> Thursday, November 3, 2011

unbeknownst to me, (probably because i live in a little bubble world filled with 'imagination movers' and 'dora the explorer' and my torch) blink-182 dropped their latest album 'neighborhoods' in september. their first release in, like, 8 years and i missed it.   i LOVE blink-182.  like, love love love them.  (yeah, i know - guitar-playing tattooed dudes.  whatever.)  of course when i figured it out (i started listening to the radio again on my commute because S and i love the dean blundell show on the Edge) i immediately downloaded it.  and so far, this one is my favorite.  love the melody - yup, it's formulaic blink but that's what makes it great - and as always, the lyrics appeal to the teenaged-angster within me.

thanks, boys.  you still have a fan in this middle aged groupie.  and the fact that you played this live in montreal rocks even more.


i want you to want me.

>> Tuesday, November 1, 2011

seriously, this song has the power to bring a smile to my face. how many times did you wish you had the guts to tell someone exactly this? oh cheap trick, how underrated you were. thanks for being part of my life soundtrack.


post-halloween wrap up.

this year was the mini's 3rd halloween.  the first two we spent eating take out in the basement by candlelight - as was our usual holiday tradition.  however, this year, she really GOT IT and fully understood the whole ghosts-and-goblins-and-all-that-jazz business.  from late september, she had already decided what she wanted to be - a fairy/cat - and once i brought the boxes of chips and bucket of candy home from costco, she was so excited to give it all out once the kids started arriving.

we headed out early, but at first she was nervous and wanted me to hold her hand (or carry her - yeah, that was a feat) up the walkways, making sure the husband was in sight on the sidewalk.  but after a while, she would  run up to the front doors.  she wouldn't actually knock (my job) or say 'trick or treat' (my job too) or hold out her little purple bucket for candy (yeah, it totally looked weird to have me do that as well.  sigh.)  after about 15 houses, we came home, dumped the contents of her little bucket into the bigger candy bucket, and waited for the kids to start streaming in.

unfortunately, they didn't.  we only got a handful of kids, despite the husband's best efforts at blasting a halloween mix (yeah, planet claire!) lighting up the jack-o-lantern, and opening the front door wide.  the mini ate 2 fun size bags of doritos and a tootsie pop and promptly puked.  after a bath, she then asked if we could go out again.  what a little trouper!

ah, halloween.  can't wait for next year!  (anyone want some candy?  we have lots leftover.  so much for my diet.)


handmade goes nickleodeon.

>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

being the mother of a toddler, i don't watch much adult-type tv. not even the news most days. however, i was watching 'wow wow wubbzy' with the mini and was thrilled that there is an episode dedicated to making handmade gifts! nick jr's on the handmade revolution bandwagon! totally and utterly COOL.


monolith. and the bud wishbones.

 i've been working on some new designs as well as some new photo backdrops (gotta keep it interesting, right?) so i'm showing off some of this weekend's results.  the picture above is of my "monolith" band in sterling silver - seriously shiny and seriously gorgeous in its imperfect state. 

these argentium sterling bud wishbone earrings are really complemented by these beach stones, collected on that super sunny day a few weeks ago on the shores of lake ontario.  i love the juxtaposition of the curve of the metal against the pitted surfaces of the rocks.

i've been using my old olympus fe-20 because somehow, in the last few days, either myself or the mini has misplaced my fantastic black samsung sl-102 somewhere in our house.  with the usb cord and everything.  sigh.  however, i do admit that this camera can't be beat for it's super macro setting.  delicious.


give me love.

although ed sheeran is jailbait for me - i usually don't like redheads at all - i think i've fallen for him solely on the merits of this song. yes, i know, i should have looked this up a long time ago.

i think it might replace "whistle for the choir" on my most played list, don't you?


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