post-halloween wrap up.

>> Tuesday, November 1, 2011

this year was the mini's 3rd halloween.  the first two we spent eating take out in the basement by candlelight - as was our usual holiday tradition.  however, this year, she really GOT IT and fully understood the whole ghosts-and-goblins-and-all-that-jazz business.  from late september, she had already decided what she wanted to be - a fairy/cat - and once i brought the boxes of chips and bucket of candy home from costco, she was so excited to give it all out once the kids started arriving.

we headed out early, but at first she was nervous and wanted me to hold her hand (or carry her - yeah, that was a feat) up the walkways, making sure the husband was in sight on the sidewalk.  but after a while, she would  run up to the front doors.  she wouldn't actually knock (my job) or say 'trick or treat' (my job too) or hold out her little purple bucket for candy (yeah, it totally looked weird to have me do that as well.  sigh.)  after about 15 houses, we came home, dumped the contents of her little bucket into the bigger candy bucket, and waited for the kids to start streaming in.

unfortunately, they didn't.  we only got a handful of kids, despite the husband's best efforts at blasting a halloween mix (yeah, planet claire!) lighting up the jack-o-lantern, and opening the front door wide.  the mini ate 2 fun size bags of doritos and a tootsie pop and promptly puked.  after a bath, she then asked if we could go out again.  what a little trouper!

ah, halloween.  can't wait for next year!  (anyone want some candy?  we have lots leftover.  so much for my diet.)


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