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>> Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am officially addicted to my new gocco machine. Check my new stuff out at http://muffintopsyturvy.etsy.com/!!!! Finally, maybe one day i can just sit at home and draw all day.


Great Canadian Artists - Little Papercuts

I'm deviating a little bit from my normal "Feature" and promoting this awesome artist who NEEDS TO START SELLING IN HER ETSY SHOP!!!!

Presenting... Little Papercuts!

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and your life up to this point in time.
I’m 33 years old and I’m a stay at home mom to 2 great kids. I’ve been married for 7 years, but my husband and I have been together for 17 years. My family is kinda my life…as cliché as it may sound, but my whole world really does revolve around them. Since my daughter was born, 6 years ago, my life has been filled with lots of laughter, lots of tears, and everything in between. And when my son came along, he turned our lives upside down. He’s a bundle of energy, and I have to admit…a bit of a mama’s boy . Yup, pretty much kids, family and all the craziness that goes hand in hand with both, not to mention trying to run a small business on the side…that’s my life!

2. Outside of your creative life, what else are you up to?
I kinda summed that up in the last question I think. I think my creative life is very much a part of my everyday life. I love looking for papers and embellishments at scrapbooking stores and craft stores, but I know nothing about scrapbooking itself.

3. What made you first want to create art?
I think it was the first time I saw my grandmother redraw the album cover for The Sound of Music. I was only 6 or 7 at the time and I think in my head I thought she was actually the one who had drawn ALL the album covers all over the world, and I thought that’s what I want to do!

4. What do you offer in your shop?
I specialize in children’s customized name art and artwork. Every piece is one of a kind and tailored to each child. On occasion I have created artwork for adults as well though.

5. Without giving away any of your trade secrets, what is your creative process?
Cut and paste, kind of. I usually sketch out the name in the chosen style first and then transfer that image to colored paper. All the cut paper pieces are then layered onto each other and glued down. I’m trying not to give away too much info, but it really is cut and paste…what can I say I’m a mom. I work in the same medium as my kidsJ

6. Where do you create?
Don’t laugh, but I do all of my work on my living room floor, using our old fish tank as a light box/desk with my paper spread all around me. Space is limited at our house!

7. If you listen to music while you make your creations, what is the soundtrack?
Whatever the kids are listening to…lately it’s been Hannah Montana or preschool tunes.

8. What are your Crafting Resolutions for 2008?
Hmm, that’s tough but my #1 would have to be to get a desk, and not to procrastinate as much as I do. I’m in the process of setting up my website, so that’s definitely a huge thing for me. My goal is really to have my website, blog and hopefully at some point my Etsy Shop all up and running.

9. How do you promote your Etsy shop?
I haven’t officially opened up my shop yet, so probably through blogs or forums. So far word of mouth has been my best friend. My family and friends are the best advertising I could ever ask for.

10. What is your most favorite handmade item that you have made?
Wow, I’d have to say it’s a toss up between Seasons Artwork I just finished for my daughter Alison (all the little girls look like her!) and a duvet cover I had made for her that was inspired by paper dolls.

11. What is your most favorite handmade item that someone else has made?
That’s easy, sock monkeys for my kids from Muffin Top!!!

12. What was your best handcrafted "moment"?
It had to be the reaction of the parents who received the first Little Papercuts name art. They were amazed at my work, and it was really the first time that I’ve thought that I could pursue this as a business. That was over 2 years ago!!

13. Top 5 list – list your top 5 favorite movies, books, bands, and foods.
That’s a hard one…lately all I read watch or listen to is kids’ stuff. OK…top 5 movies would be Rent, The King and I, Man on Fire (soooo amazing), The Last Unicorn (gotta love 80’s animation) and anything from the Young and Dangerous series (Chinese subtitled). The only books that really stand out in my mind are ‘Are you there God, it’s me Margaret’ and ‘Blubber’ by Judy Bloom. I think it’s because my daughter is starting to read novels and stuff now. No fave bands, I’ll listen to pretty much anything. Foods, hmm let’s see…oatmeal cookies from Longo’s, zesty cheese Doritos, beef brisket that my mother in law cooks, rice and peas (a Jamaican thing) and ox tail.

14. What advice would you like to give to others on trying to sell their handmade goods?
Find inspiration from everything around you. Don’t give up! Like I said before, word of mouth is very powerful…it can make your business without you even trying if you enlist the help of family and friends!

15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Let’s see, in 10 years I see myself with one more kid, still married to hubby #1, still making hip art for kids and parents and in a house with room enough for me to have a desk preferably with a glass insert to use as a light box.

16. If you could describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?
creative, reliable, perfectionist, fun, indecisive…wow that sounds kinda boring! Love ya Muffin!!


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