>> Wednesday, June 20, 2012

of course i've had this artisan's group pinterest board link flagged in my inbox, thinking i'd have time to post it.  finally here it is - the collection compiled by the organizer of the kaley cuoco gift bag (thank you, shawna!!!) of the items that were give to kaley!  there are some very lovely items included here and i love it that i was a part of it! 


time runs away.

between the craziness at the office, the early emergence of summer, and the husband's (hopefully) imminent job change, time seems to be running away from us.  i squeeze in whatever time i can at my little metalsmithing table, but it always feels like there never is enough time to do everything.  i do have the relative luxury of trying to take holiday days before my maternity leave, so i am hoping to have some long weekends during the lovely months of july and august for hanging out with the mini and trying some new designs.  and of course, working on soaking up the sun (with 30 SPF, of course).


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