If I Had a Million Dollars...

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

so, the metalsmithing class continues, and so do i! the third class is finished, and i'm feeling pretty good about it! i continue to push through the pins and needles in my fingers, and it isn't bad at all. we've conquered sawing, piercing, filing and polishing - and now we're onto soldering!

so, of course, i started dreaming about the world-famous jewelry designer i'm going to be (ha ha) and surfed the internet for the things i would need for my studio. Lacy and Company here in Toronto has a FABULOUS deal - everything you need to equip your jewelry studio can be purchased there! (see picture above) and even the jeweler's bench is perfect for me - there is a lovely, half moon shape cut out. just for my belly! LOL!


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