feeling like i keep dropping the ball. i need a time out!

>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

this last week has been a real pain in the you-know-what. along with the huge dumping of snow and the frigid temperatures, i feel like i've been dropping the ball both at work and at home. lately, my to-do list at the office just keeps getting longer and longer no matter how many items i cross off the list. at home, i think that the soap scum in my bathroom is slowly planning a coup-d'etat and that the fridge is going to burst open at any time with the amount of leftovers and neglected vegetables sitting on the shelves. and in an attempt to regain my former fitness level, i'm trying to squeeze in at least 20 minutes of frantic cycling on the stationary bike in our basement on top of it all.
sigh. maybe it's the winter blues. maybe i need to get inspired. maybe i need to crochet some more. so of course, i sit here and browse for ideas. i am eyeing pancakeandlulu's "learn to spin kits" (look at the gorgeous jewel tones of the roving in the photo! swoon!) - i have bought some of aimee's beautiful handspun in the past and LOVED it - and am thinking it's about time i learn. handspinning with a drop whorl spindle is one of the oldest methods of spinning yarn and apparently, very relaxing and meditative. which i soooo need. (if i don't drop kick the spindle while learning how to do it though.)


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