>> Saturday, April 2, 2011

i am a runner.  well, in the athletic, exercise sort of way, i am trying to be.  however, committment-wise, i realize that i am a runner.  it used to be in relationships - when i was younger, no one seemed to hold my interest more than a few weeks, unless, of course, they made themselves "unavailable" and i had to chase them.  and chasing also meant running, so the theory fits.  choosing a major in university was also an exercise in itself... english? art? design? advertising? usually the choice was made at the last minute.  and even then, i wasn't ever really sure.

now, as an adult, the running theme has manifested itself in different ways - 10 jobs in 12 years, three very short term mortgages (yeah, i know interest rates are lower that way too but i fear the 19% interest rate that my parents had paid when they purchased their house in 1979 and part of me tells me to lock in) but the objects of my affections are definitely more stable and i don't fall in love very often.  (lol) in regards to recreational activities, i'm always trying something new - crochet, knitting (which i am still struggling with and most likely will never master), resin, soap making, mosaics, powerlifting (don't ask) - but quickly moving on.  however, the last time i changed jobs wasn't because i felt the need to run, but because it made things easier on us as a family.  the mini herself has been running since she learned to walk - i can barely keep up anymore but that in itself is tremendous fun because i can't imagine anyone better to be chasing.

however, some things still remain static despite the frequent changes of mind and spirit - i love to run.  i'm aiming to pick up where i left off with the Couch to 5K program last fall.  so i'm going out to find some new running shoes and hit the pavement.

(now if i could only decide what songs to add to my new running playlist... any suggestions?)



>> Friday, April 1, 2011

do people write these songs on purpose to make you want to cry?  thanks, dashboard confessional.


alternative wedding rings and john cusack.

the fabulous studioregency featured my smoky quartz wedding ring set in her socially conscious treasury.  the whole blood diamond issue is definitely a hot topic - and definitely impacts everyone.  the wedding industry is a HUGE one - there are two things people don't scrimp on, and that's their kids and weddings - and of course, the diamond industry takes a huge chunk of the financial benefits.  i have to admit that i wasn't necessarily thinking of blood diamonds when i created my "alternative" diamond wedding line (i was actually thinking about my business's bottom line and my reluctance to crack or destroy a REAL diamond with my torch) but this treasury brought it to the surface for me.  yes, there ARE beautiful alternatives to diamonds!  a smoky quartz CAN be a girl's best friend!  (and save you some $$$ so that you can splurge on those elaborate letterpress invitations)

on a less serious note, i was just thinking that i would much rather be staying home today instead of going to work and watching a good movie.  like high fidelity, definitely one of my top 5.


finally friday, honey.

obviously, i can't give you REAL honey to soothe your workweek stress. even though i do a have fabulous jar of wildflower honey left over from the summertime in the cupboard, just waiting to be used in a hot cup of tea!  but here's the next best thing - the jesus and mary chain.  i particularly like this live footage from 2007 because it makes me realize that they are definitely still relevant (and reformed!) after all this time - despite the infighting, the breakups, the arrests and the amphetamines. 

(this is my 2nd favorite song of theirs.  after 'the hardest walk'.  of which i couldn't find a decent video.  of course.)

i think that i saw them live in 1989 when they came to Exhibition Stadium (at least i think it was 1989) - can you imagine that they are still generating guitar feedback after 30 years?  and that i still love this song as much as when i heard it first?  (i'm kind of glad that they got rid of all that hair though.)


willing to wait.

>> Thursday, March 31, 2011

ah, sebadoh.  masters of the unrequited love song - just listen to the lyrics!  a hugely unrrated band - i still listen and reminisce about when "simple" brand shoes were the bomb, everyone wore vintage cardigans, and shoegaze was just starting out.  a lovely, quiet way to wind down the day.

(i actually just checked out the "simple" shoe website.  hmmm.  not really impressed.  i prefer the ones from 1994.)


it's thursday, homeboys!

no time to do a proper blog post this morning - going for a bike ride then to the office for a nightmare team meeting and endless afternoon sitting at my desk, but i just thought i'd leave you with this fabulous (now RETRO, apparently) clip from adorable.  it's finally thursday, homeboys!  enjoy!  (and thanks to tom laurie for making it available and embeddable!)


pounding the pavement. or in this case, metal.

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's the end of the fiscal year at the office and everyone is rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get loose ends tied up before the beastly lady in the finance department comes looking for anything missing.  i too, am caught up in this whirlwind of chaos - but yet, strangely it's not different than any other year.  you'd think we would have learned by now to be prepared.

so of course, after another day working late (looks like tomorrow and friday are going to be that way too, sigh) and my body feeling like i'd been running hard all day, i came home and smashed some metal.  a brass ring to be exact.  i used a lyric from one of my current favorites and made myself a little present - see my new keychain?  hmmmmm.  i kinda love it.  want one?


ill communication.

my friend L, a tall, gorgeous blonde with a knife-sharp sense of humour and an amazing singing voice - is recently single again.  (i actually live vicariously through her dating {mis}adventures)  hearing her talk about the ways that people meet and communicate in this "modern" era of computers, iPhones, blackberries, txt messaging and the internet is mind boggling.  heck, i still remember fondly when all i could access was TEXT based internet and that was only after setting my modem to dial and redial until it didn't get a busy signal from the server. 

don't get me wrong, i am in LOVE with text messaging, email and BBM.  i am one of those people who likes to see things in writing.  i'm a sucker for stamps and stationary and the written missive.  but i cannot imagine how much harder it is to communicate with someone that you're interested in romantically when you aren't necessarily able to see their face or hear the nuances in their voice. my boss - a warm, sweet lady who is always there if you need a shoulder to cry on, comes across as cold and unforgiving in her emails.  and then again there are all those shorthand txt abbreviations - LOL, TTYL, WTF?   i myself have been the victim of massive misunderstandings because i've only been "talking" to someone via email - but i also have to admit that some of the best discussions (ahem* read - arguments) i have had have also been by text message.  L and i stay close via txt - we both agree it's the perfect medium for us.

L has met a myriad of men through the miracle of the internet who are interested in her - but some of them she has never even heard their voice. (even though i am not surprised - she attracts people wherever she goes and i loathe going out with her because she makes me feel fat, dumpy and troll-like)  one website even did a personality profile of her and "matched" her with people they thought she would be compatible with.  (however, one was a 5'2" little person about 10 years her junior - L is almost 6' in heels and prefers men her own age - she was kind of confused)   L is somewhat conservative however, in where she puts herself out in regards to the internet.  i see people all the time giving out their blackberry PINs, looking to chat with someone, anyone.  i watched an episode of CSI: Miami where Eric drove around in his oh so fancy humVee (during work time) and people messaged him looking to "hook up".  (i still can't figure out how THAT works.)  weird.  my friend B, met her fiance while playing World of Warcraft - she was in vermont, he in texas.

i can't imagine DATING in this environment.  sometimes i wonder about how safe everything is.  who are these people and what are their motives?  how do you know that they are being honest about what they are putting out there? 

then again, how is it really any different than going to the bar or a club and meeting someone there?  or meeting someone through acquaintances or through work?  probably not very different.  and i worry for the mini and my nieces and nephews - because i am sure by the time they are ready to date, the whole thing will be completely different again and i STILL won't be able to get my head around it.

 i'm just happy meeting people in person.  but feel free to txt me.  LOL.


why can't i.

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

seriously cute homemade video to liz phair's "why can't i".  retro-y, sweet, and very true.  oh liz, your lyrics get me every time.  sigh.


knotted up in you - the duo ring design

i've been making these "knotted up" rings for some time now and recently, someone asked for a stacked, intertwined version in sterling.  after a couple of sketches and a little bit of thinking, the duo knot ring was born.  i've always liked the knot ring idea - the first one i made was for someone who wanted to use it as a wedding band.  romantic, much?  the trimetal stacking knot set was also chosen by the middle daughter of two amazing movie stars (not to name drop or anything - *ahem, demi and bruce*) - obviously she has great taste!

there is much symbolism behind the simple knot - the intertwining of wisdom and compassion, the binding of time and change, and the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  all a pretty hefty burden for such a small thing!  but if you think about it, the knot also ties together much in life, as does love.  the double knot just emphasizes it a little bit more, and makes it a little more complicated.  but then, isn't love itself just a little bit complicated???  (it is for me, but maybe i'm just like that?)

thank you to the lovely fnine for including the duo ring in this treasury!  lovely theme, and lovely picks!


conversation 16 - broken love song.

>> Monday, March 28, 2011

swoon. conversation 16. the perfect driving song.  just enough drone to soothe a hectic mind but not so numbing that you miss the speed traps. thank you, the national!


i miss you.

>> Sunday, March 27, 2011

because the blink boys rock.  because i'm hoping that they put out another album soon.  because there is a little skater girl that lives inside of me. because i have a crush on tom delonge.  and most of all, because i do.


sliding doors.

i'm sitting here in my super sunny living room watching that gwyneth paltrow movie "sliding doors".  while definitely NOT my favorite gwyneth movie, there is something about the gray british esthetic (anyone up for a trip to the pub?) the absolute sweetness of john hannah, and the concept that one moment in your life can change it's direction forever.

sometimes i wonder if things would have been different if i didn't get into grad school.  if i had chosen to move to toronto instead of montreal.  if i had decided to take another job offer instead of the one i was offered at the place i have worked now for over 10 years.  if the husband and i had chosen different hospitals to do our respective internships in.  if we hadn't lost the baby the year before we got pregnant with the mini.  if i had chosen the "green tea" CR-V instead of the black one.  if i had taken jewelry making in school instead of fine art. 

however, part of me thinks that, like in "sliding doors", you can't escape destiny and some things are just truly meant to be.  hmmmmm.  definitely food for thought.


spring giveaway!

seriously, i just realized that i haven't had a giveaway since last september.  talk about slacking!  so without further ado, i'm offering up a custom set of two skinny sterling stacking rings!  all you need to do is this:

- follow my blog (1 entry)
- follow me on twitter (muffintop5) (1 entry)
- leave a post here and tell me about what you are most thankful for today (1 entry)
- if you blog or twitter about this giveaway, you'll get an extra entry - just remember to post here that you've done that as well.

i'll use the all omniscent to choose a winner on april 15th! please leave a comment here for each thing that you do go get an entry so that i can do the draw properly!  don't forget to also leave your email address or a link to your site so that i can contact you if you win!  and make sure that you know what your ring size is!!!!!


easy like sunday morning.

even though it means that the weekend is almost over, there is nothing like the quiet, relaxed vibe of a slow sunday morning.  today there is sunshine, pancakes, fresh cinnamon rolls in the oven, a happy toddler, a content husband, and good music.  i'm blessed!

  (this is youtube user mrmaartens - seriously, you rock, dude.)


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