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>> Friday, April 1, 2011

the fabulous studioregency featured my smoky quartz wedding ring set in her socially conscious treasury.  the whole blood diamond issue is definitely a hot topic - and definitely impacts everyone.  the wedding industry is a HUGE one - there are two things people don't scrimp on, and that's their kids and weddings - and of course, the diamond industry takes a huge chunk of the financial benefits.  i have to admit that i wasn't necessarily thinking of blood diamonds when i created my "alternative" diamond wedding line (i was actually thinking about my business's bottom line and my reluctance to crack or destroy a REAL diamond with my torch) but this treasury brought it to the surface for me.  yes, there ARE beautiful alternatives to diamonds!  a smoky quartz CAN be a girl's best friend!  (and save you some $$$ so that you can splurge on those elaborate letterpress invitations)

on a less serious note, i was just thinking that i would much rather be staying home today instead of going to work and watching a good movie.  like high fidelity, definitely one of my top 5.


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