twisted some more.

>> Friday, March 2, 2012

things have been quiet of late in the jewelry world (at least in mine!) and the office job seems to have gained an edge in the priority list of things.  plus it doesn't help that i can't put down the latest zombie apocalypse book i found.  but it didn't stop me from sneaking in a couple of minutes to play with some awesome 12 gauge twisted sterling wire! this ring is definitely more weighty than the 16 gauge version i already make in my shop, this one is stunning on it's own or a perfect fit with some of my other thick stacking rings. 

i'm seeing a stack of twisted rings in mixed gauge and metals... hmmmmm...


wood and metal.

>> Sunday, February 26, 2012

i had decided to take a break today - no work related business or crafting stuff at all - but i was inspired by my friend S's creative efforts (she is on some sort of crazy etsy/crafty binge and it's sort of motivating).  i have some marvelous handcrafted wooden buttons from timberwoodwares and decided to see if they would work as a ring... and they turned out pretty cute.  S - get ready to wear your new ring!


the shape of us.

seriously, this is probably one of the best wedding songs ever. don't really get the video though. (i just listen to it with my eyes closed.)


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