silvery spinnerettes.

>> Saturday, February 25, 2012

not sure if my spinnerette rings are going to be as big of a hit as i would like them to be, but they sure are fun to make! 


the view from here.

yesterday they called for a huge snowstorm in the GTA.  and it didn't happen - despite the cancelling of a bunch of school buses and the closure of some businesses and facilities.  it did dust us with some snowy frosting though.  and i love the view from here.  i am not a huge fan of winter, but days like these make me happy - we don't have to be anywhere, the house is warm, the fridge is full, and the snow softly falls outside.  happy saturday, everyone!



>> Wednesday, February 22, 2012

slightly nautical-inspired (not that i am a seafaring type of gal - i am fearful of drowing and legionnaire's disease) these knot rings are a fantastic twist (yes, pun intended!) on my knot ring design!  i had purchased some gold fill twisted wire for a potential custom order that did not come to fruition and i was interested to see if it would "knot" like regular round wire.  a new best seller?  maybe, but i still love the look!


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