another horrid week. (and an awesome stalker song)

>> Friday, July 29, 2011

so this week definitely was one of those weeks that i could have done without. work was almost unbearably stressful and i feel like i cannot ever catch up with the things that i need to do. today i also have a meeting with my boss and i'm a little worried because i feel that i have dropped the ball on several things and i know i will probably get roasted. (unemployment, anyone? severance package, much?) additionally, everything i threw in the tumbler this week didn't polish up like it used to - everything came out covered in a thin, sticky film and i had to repolish each item, not once but three times. i realize that i am extra sensitive to criticism but, as with my little jewelry shop, i pride myself on doing good work.  i guess i can't do a million things at once or be several places at one time.

the thing that got me through this week (besides my girls from work - yay text messaging and bbm - and the mini) was adele's "someone like you". the song itself is beautiful, but the lyrics are almost unbearably sad. she sings about a girl showing up at her ex's place - he has moved on, gotten married, and allegedly, all his dreams have come true without her. she wants him to see her face to know that for her, the relationship isn't over. now, while i am definitely not a fan of stalkers (i certainly think that this kind of borders on that, don't you?) i know what it feels like to be focused on someone who isn't focused on you. and to have leftover unresolved feelings for someone - i haven't felt that in a long time, but i definitely remember the hurt. funnily enough, part of me wishes i had the time and the mental space to stalk someone - but i don't (well, unless i get fired today, in which case, i'll have lots of time). so i'll let adele do it for me.


stopping to smell the rose (gold filled wire)

>> Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i don't know why i didn't think of this myself but i am showing off these teeny tiny, whisper thin, rose gold filled hoops, as per the request of a sweet client.  looking for something different but classic, these are her new earrings!  thank you, d!  i hope you love them!!!!!!  (now i think i need to make a trinity set of these - 14K gold filled, rose gold filled and sterling!  yum.)


rolling in the deep.

>> Sunday, July 24, 2011

the first time i heard this song i think i was in some trendy clothing shop in the mall, trying to find myself a shirt that didn't make me look like a linebacker. in the end, i didn't buy anything, but i did leave with a newfound love for adele. and since L needs a new anthem after the latest bust-up with mr. robot, here it is.


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