silvery intertwined ring.

>> Saturday, April 30, 2011

i've finally gotten around to making one of the intertwined rings with thick half round sterling wire.  i actually made it for myself - i'm definitely a "silver" girl, always have been.  the width of the wire is more than the thickest round wire that i use, and the flat side gives it delicious movement  (which makes it perfect for fidgeting.)


beautiful spring day + park + my kid = meltdown.

we can't resist going out on this beautiful spring day, so the mini and i head out to the park behind my house.  we swing, we slide, we run around in the baseball field, we dig in the sand.  then, after an hour and a half or so, i get packed up and tell her we have to go home.  "no, mom." she said, quite firmly.  but, since i'm the boss, i toss her over my shoulder and head towards home.  cue meltdown.  kicking, crying, yelling... all the way out of the park.  all the way home.  all during her bath.  and then for 45 minutes until she finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.  bad mommy!  bad springtime!   i sense the terrible two's heading our way...


facebook. srsly.

photo courtesy of starblogger
of course i have a facebook account.  everyone does.  however, i have to say that i am not nearly as obsessed with facebook as some of the people i know (seriously, J?) and i really don't understand the merits.  my account is under an alias - having a relatively unusual name makes me a little more easy to find and there are definitely people out there that i would rather not have in my life again. if you're in my life, you're already in it and you don't have to find me on facebook. maybe i'm anti-social, maybe i'm a snob, maybe i'm just a jerk, but that's just how it is.  i even tried maintaining a facebook page for the jewelry making stuff, but i just don't get it.  ( i suppose i really should look into it - from a business perspective, anyway.)  my sister K, an avid "facebook-er" often sends me messages through there - which i only get weeks later when i think about logging in.

the husband recently reactivated his facebook account and in the space of about 8 hours, uploaded about a million pictures, joined a bunch of "groups" and had contacted more "friends" than i have in the entire time i have had mine. not that it's a popularity contest or anything, but it made me think about the fact that we live in this crazy digital age where you don't even have to speak to someone to be "friends" with them - you can actually have an entire relationship with someone on facebook.  you can "stalk" someone via facebook - even if it is just to see what they look like now or where they are working.  it boggles my brain.  and makes me feel kind of sad that the whole human, face-to-face contact thing can actually be reduced to your facebook status update.

(that being said, i totally screen my phone calls, am hopelessly addicted to my BlackBerry, prefer love letters and would rather txt or email.  what does THAT say about me?)


retro friday - if you leave.

>> Thursday, April 28, 2011

the first record i saved up to buy was OMD's "crush" - on vinyl! it had been on sale at musicworld and my dad took me to the mall to get it. i had a little obsession with them and over time, ended up owning all the albums they put out. i loved this song even more - not just because it was featured in john hughes' "pretty in pink", but because it has some of the goopiest 80's lyrics ever. so in honour of them - and their romantic music making - i leave you with this.


total babe.

>> Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i couldn't resist these fabulous pencils by huntershideaway - not only are they to die for, but the full purchase price went to the American Red Cross. they are super cool - and every penny went to a fantastic cause. and now i can sketch in style.


wish you were here.

>> Monday, April 25, 2011

probably because i mentioned this song yesterday, i've had it in my head all day. and because i do wish you were here.

in 1996, mark linkous, the lead singer of sparklehorse, overdosed on antidepressants and street drugs while on tour with radiohead and ended up in a wheelchair - but the band continued to tour for some time afterwards. sadly, mark killed himself in 2010. i guess it all got to be too much for him - his death ended the 15 year career of the band as well. RIP, mark. hope things are better where you are now.

(incidentally, catherine wheel also does a kick-a$$ cover of this song as well. just in case you were wondering.)


high and dry.

>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

this got stuck in my head for some reason. radiohead when they were at their most brilliant.

(do you know that radiohead's original band name was "on a friday"? and that thom yorke collaborated with sparklehorse on their cover of pink floyd's "wish you were here" (probably one of the best covers ever) ?? his backing vocals were done over the phone.)


happy easter!

i was hoping to have a picture of the mini sitting on the easter bunny's lap for today's post - we went to the mall yesterday where you could get a free photo with the rabbit.  however, despite the fact that there were tons of other kids and a fanciful background, the mini wouldn't go anywhere near the fluffy dude. 

so, in honour of today's holiday, and in reference to one of the best kevin smith movies, i give you this clip from Mallrats (just before silent bob got too big to sit in one airplane seat, and before jay went to rehab).  i can actually remember where and when we rented this - on VHS no less - from the blockbuster on the corner of rue st. denis and avenue du mont-royal.

this one's for you, brody. enjoy - and don't overdose on chocolate!  (i know i already have.  barf.)


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