happy easter!

>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

i was hoping to have a picture of the mini sitting on the easter bunny's lap for today's post - we went to the mall yesterday where you could get a free photo with the rabbit.  however, despite the fact that there were tons of other kids and a fanciful background, the mini wouldn't go anywhere near the fluffy dude. 

so, in honour of today's holiday, and in reference to one of the best kevin smith movies, i give you this clip from Mallrats (just before silent bob got too big to sit in one airplane seat, and before jay went to rehab).  i can actually remember where and when we rented this - on VHS no less - from the blockbuster on the corner of rue st. denis and avenue du mont-royal.

this one's for you, brody. enjoy - and don't overdose on chocolate!  (i know i already have.  barf.)


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