charmed life.

>> Tuesday, March 5, 2013

some days i definitely would not think that i live a charmed life.  gah, who am i kidding, in the past couple of years, some days have been just plain awful.  but most days i get up and look around and realize that, yes, i sure do. 

loving this song by joy williams and trent dabbs.  joy has the kind of voice and songwriting talent that i wish i had.  meh.  oh well.  i'll just enjoy this song in my sun-drenched living room with my babies.  here's to sunshine filled days and dreamy starlit nights.


don't walk away, renee.

>> Monday, March 4, 2013

the most recent gifting opportunity i've been happy to participate in is to the lovely Renee Zellweger.  having loved her in Jerry Maguire, Shark Tale and of course, every 'average' girl's favorite movie, Bridget Jones' Diary, it is totally an honor to send her the necklace and earring set as pictured above in conjunction with The Artisans Group.  handmade in sterling silver, i am hoping the clean lines of this rustic design will catch her eye.  and please God, let her ears be pierced so that she can wear the matching earrings!!!!  watch for this set in my shop soon!


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