sleep training

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

since before xmas, the mini had been sleeping with me. she had caught a cold and was gagging or vomiting in her sleep, so i brought her to bed with me, figuring that i'd rather deal with sleepless nights rather than take the chance that she might choke or aspirate.

so, the sleepless nights are here. she's been in her crib for almost two weeks, but the first few nights, i couldn't sleep without her!!! it's weird how quiet the house gets. now, she's cutting another four teeth. seriously. and she has some power behind those teeth too. she still gets up a couple times a night, but i'll work on that in a bit. i'm psyching myself up for the crying.

it's been a little freeing to have my time back - i work on ring orders and crocheting, or spend some time with the husband - but i miss her next to me. who knew i'd be the one needing the sleep training???? i don't know what i'd do without my cheering section (thank you julieellyn and girly!)


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