smitten once again.

>> Saturday, March 19, 2011

smit·ten   /ˈsmɪtn/

1. struck, as with a hard blow.
2. grievously or disastrously stricken or afflicted.
3. very much in love.
4. a past participle of smite.

apt word to describe my frame of mind - and how i feel about this Platinum Blonde cover.  done by Crystal Castles in collaboration by the awesomely fabulous robert smith.  i am definitely smitten.

(can't say i was too impressed by "requiem for a dream" - which is the movie that this footage is taken from.  i felt depressed and anxious and all around down after watching it.)



lucky. horseshoe.

so the lovely j.r. wanted to see what i wasted so much wire on yesterday.  i've been mulling over the idea of a horseshoe hinged earring design - where the lower part of the hoop is made up of substantial hammered wire and then the loop that goes through the ear is thinner but still sturdy.  i wanted movement but chunky - does that even make sense?  i have to admit that i am not the best at making wire loops (damn carpal tunnel!) but i've been trying. 
the main design issue for me is making sure that the loops on the larger part of the earring are roomy enough for the smaller wire loops to move so that the earrings have some swing to them.  i also need to use a thinner gauge wire for the part that goes through the ear - 18 gauge is a little too thick, i fear.

here are the workable "prototypes" of the lucky horseshoe earrings that i finished last night.  the larger one is in copper (which i probably should have started with in the first place instead of wasting all that sterling) and the smaller in silver.  "lucky" is an appropriate name since it was probably not a good idea to have worked on them after having a drink - i was pretty lucky that i didn't hammer my fingers off.  (i did get my thumb once though.  #$%#$^.)




alone together on the beach.  sunshine.  sand.  an escape from the mundane.


an elvish treasury.

i've never been described as "elvish" before.  but i love the feeling of being in a fantasy novel!  thank you, bigskyart!



>> Friday, March 18, 2011

one of my favorites.  still makes me tearful after all this time.  (maybe i should lay off the jack daniels before bed.)


one of those days.

it's only 2:55pm here and i've already had it.  a cranky toddler.  even crankier husband.  spent the morning with my talkative parents.  fought the crowds at the supermarket for a bag of milk that exploded once we got home.  about 3 feet of ruined sterling silver (another experiment gone terribly wrong) and another burn on my hand.  no idea what to make for dinner. and the clincher?  it's the last weekday of my vacation.
fortunately, life is full of saving grace - like the big smile on that little kid wearing the tutu. and the fact that you can get lots of - ahem - unusual stuff at the grocery store now.

no, i did not purchase any. but it's nice to see you can buy bowels in inches if you're in a pinch.


and then he kissed me.

nothing better than a good kiss.  well, MAYBE except for these finds! 


>> Thursday, March 17, 2011

cute guys in stormtrooper costumes. a damsel in distress. a brilliantly written song.  (the comparisons to coldplay are inevitable but i don't care.)


designs of an insomniac.

for some reason, i can't sleep lately.  too much going on in my head, but nothing creative, which for me is equally as frustrating as not sleeping.

finally, last night i crawled out of bed and sat in the cold basement, thinking about an idea for a hoop earring that my friend julie had suggested.  a couple of sketches and some melted silver blobs later.. and voila!  the most perfect tiny earrings!  nothing like watching firey metal melt into a molten ball to fire up the imagination.  different sizes to come as well!

so, julie, these are for YOU!  (and now i'm off to make some for myself!)


don't make me fall in love with you.

sigh, it's too late - i'm in love with these.  some of my favorites.


i heart the fratellis.

>> Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the most sweetest song .  seriously. and to think i was just grooving along to the melody and not really listening.  (but what is up with that dude's hair?  brush, much?)


ode to geek... addicted to the treasury widget.

nothing says sexy like a fast internet connection.
obviously i can't get enough of this treasury widget on craftcult.  sigh.  thank God for computer geeks for making the internet so interesting and cool.


knotted up - a treasury!

a lovely lovely treasury curated by the fantastic julieellyn.  thank you!


happiness is...

>> Tuesday, March 15, 2011

... a quiet sunny afternoon in mid march.  an excellently romantic playlist in iTunes.  soft wool and a fast crochet needle.  recent orders packed up and shipped. hot earl grey tea in my favorite mug.  a napping toddler.  a clean kitchen.  paid off bills.  a brisk walk. sightings of crocuses amidst the snow.  a warm bagel.  a cold diet coke.  daydreams of kisses in springtime. 

hurry up, spring!  i've missed you!

(the notebook to the left is from my gocco printmaking days... hmmmm.  maybe it's time to start again!)


march break. SALE!

>> Sunday, March 13, 2011

in honor of march break - and the fact that i am HOME for the week! - i am having a sale!  just use the coupon code "MARCHBREAK" for 10% off your entire order!  yay holidays!!!  (here is the view from my back window after the last march snowstorm... i'm hoping there aren't any more!)


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