>> Saturday, August 4, 2012

things have been a little quiet on the metalsmith front and admittedly, instead of using the time i cannot sleep to hammer out new designs (plus we seem to be in some sort of haphazard reorganization of the house which has limited my soldering space) i have gotten addicted (yes, pun intended) to season 3 of "nurse jackie" - even though i am relegated to watching it using headphones on the laptop because it is too profane to watch with the mini and the husband refuses because it's too close to work stress.  nice.  anyways, i don't know why i love her - she is a lying, cheating, foul-mouthed health care professional, but yes, i love her.  and peter facinelli is quite pretty.  now onto episode 4.



>> Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i have been having a hard time motivating myself to take photographs since the mini broke my fancy digital camera, but i charged up the battery on my old olympus and took some lovely pictures of my newest design - "ribbon" earrings! 

inspired by a client request, these are sleek, lightweight and modern - and i have a sterling, 14K gold filled and rose gold filled version, in three sizes.  love love love these!  and of course, so perfect for breast cancer awareness month in October...


kiss me.

>> Monday, July 30, 2012

you're breaking my heart, ed!


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