walk on, baby!

>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

this morning, the mini wasn't walking. for some time, she has been standing by herself once in a while, and had taken maybe 2 hesitant steps at a time over the past couple of weeks. the husband was a little concerned (okay, maybe a lot concerned, but he gets overly concerned about a lot of stuff.) because all of the other kids in our family were walking by the time they were one. (he should know by now that our kid goes to the beat of her own little, mini sized drum.) but then tonight, things just clicked for her and she was walking, walking, walking! add in some laughter and a bruised nose and she was well on her way - WITHOUT the playskool walker thingy, WITHOUT holding hands! thank goodness our new house has carpet in the basement - i think that the cushy fibres gave her a little more courage to keep on going. oh my little baby, she's growing up. and to think that the husband was worried because she wasn't walking yet... yup, we're officially screwed.
(of course i had to write her an email to tell her how proud mommy and daddy were of her! yes, the baby penpal project is still alive and well... it makes me wonder what she'll think when she reads all the emails i have sent to her over the past year!)


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