Happy Earth Day!

>> Saturday, March 29, 2008

How timely. The lovely moonbeads (http://moonbeads.etsy.com) created this lovely eco-friendly treasury including my opal nest egg necklace... just in time for Earth Day!!!! thanks, moonbeads!!!!
We did the whole Earth Hour thing... prompted by our niece, who was really gung ho about the whole thing! Pretty cool for a 6 year old! We lit candles, ate chocolate and played Trivial Pursuit... what a lovely way to spend an evening!


Yes, this is a VENT...

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i wish i was...

- independently wealthy
- able to craft full time
- a little skinnier
- self-employed (full time)
- could stop eating those darned mini-eggs leftover from Easter... yikes!
- not so tired!

you ever just have one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed and stay there? it was one of those for me today... disappointed the boss, it's snowing (again), dropped my wallet into a puddle...

at least i was able to list this beautiful piece today... a fine silver pendant with a sweet little heart on it!

at least there is always tomorrow!


Taking a Crafty Break! GRINDHOUSE RULES!

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

the husband and i never go to movies anymore. the last time we went, we both ended up yelling at some kids who were talking really loudly behind us - not to implicate us in any criminal wrongdoing, let's just say we realize that before we got shuffled off to a mandatory anger management program, we'd NEVER go to the movies again.
needless to say, now we have to wait until the movie comes out on video/cable. but it's okay. we can take bathroom breaks whenever we want, talk through the slow parts, and wear our pyjamas. i have a problem in that i also need to be doing a couple other things while watching TV - making stuff, cooking stuff, reading stuff, doing my nails.... you get the picture.
anyhow... because business has been a little slow lately, we took the time to actually sit down and watch a movie!!!! and JUST watch the movie.
we had gotten a copy of Grindhouse, the double feature by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. the husband is a fan of old 70's films - the gory-er and the crazier, the better. i've always been a fan of Tarantino's stuff, and LOVED "El Mariachi".
let's just say, Rodriguez's "Planet Terror", the first installment of the double feature, totally, totally rocked. it was funny, scary, creepy, gory, violent, romantic, and shoot 'em up wickedly smart. totally in the vein of the old movies that the husband likes, and edgy and humorous, just like i like them!!!! the "trailers" interspersed within the films also were so great.
well worth the much-needed break - and the bag of M&M's we ate between us! and i didn't think about making jewelry ONCE!!!!!


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