roseola... no, it's not the name of a hot chick...

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

this week has been kinda hard. the mini had been running a fever on and off for the past few days, but finally yesterday, she wasn't warm to the touch. however, when i took her outside in her car seat, there was a smattering of dusty rose over her forehead. i thought that maybe it was heat rash - my mom INSISTS that the mini is cold all the time - so i dressed her very warmly - but as the day went on, the rash progressed down her face, onto her neck, and all over her torso. back and front. kind of like she was wearing a little diaper shirt of rosy polka dots.

i called the doctor, telehealth and my sisters - and between everyone and my mom, we determined that she has roseola! when i told the husband, he said - "roseola? is that a hot chick's name?" yeah. so not funny - at the moment anyways - since i was FREAKING out. but, it's a totally common, mild childhood disease that almost all of us have before we reach the age of 4. but it explained the fever, the extreme clingy-ness, and the restless sleeping. i tried to get a photo of the dusty pink rash, since the mini's skin is like porcelain and this is so abnormal, but it's so subtle that i can't get a good shot.

ah, it's hard to be a baby, isn't it?


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