the effects of a melancholy playlist (aka showing off a little)

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

 everyone knows that i have to work to music - whether it's at home or at the office.  and lately, my playlist has led to the melancholy side of things... but i'm pretty happy with the results.  above, a knot ring stacked with a plain skinny band and a thick twisted band.  below, a baroque and infinity band paired with a full bead and a thick twist band.  lovely - perhaps an alternative wedding band?  this is what i get for loving bittersweet songs, heartbreak, & valentine's day so much.


oh, henry.

i have to admit that i fell in love with the fabulous scott foley all over again when he guest starred on grey's anatomy this season and last. and of course, as it almost always goes with sweet guest stars, scott met his maker on the operating table. oh, henry.

they played this awesome civialas song, "anything but you" at one point during mr. foley's run on grey's, and now i can't stop listening to it.

(L - stop laughing at me. let me mourn the dude in peace.)


memories of grunge.

>> Wednesday, January 11, 2012

this was going to be a wordless wednesday post, but i figured that since it was going to be me posting this music video anyways, what was the point?

i was driving home in the car last night, listening to my favorite radio station, but realizing that they still play songs that were big in 1991.  isn't that retro now?  while i love nirvana and soundgarden and everything that they contributed to musical history, i find it odd that their songs are still in very heavy rotation - not that i mind.  anyways, in the hour or so that i was on the highway, they must have played 5 songs that were at least 15 years old, including the grunge ballad above.  which took me back to 1991, when the album by 'temple of the dog' was revived as soon as the record execs realized that basically, it was a collaboration between two of the biggest bands at the time (soundgarden & pearl jam).  i hear this song and vividly remember being on a crowded GO bus, headed home for the weekend on an abnormally warm fall day, hair in a messy pile on top of my head, wearing a ratty soft flannel shirt, cut off paint-stained jean shorts and my docs.  back when when billy corgan had hair, chris cornell looked like that albrecht durer etching, plaid was not just a keswick dinner jacket, and kurt cobain was still alive.  oh, to be 18 again!


merci, bellechic!

>> Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the feature over at bellechic is still going strong and there is only 16 hours left in the sale!  head on over and take a look!

(thanks to maria and matt at tanga - you guys rock!)


the power of a smile.

>> Monday, January 9, 2012

when it's my turn to pick up tea from tim hortons, 99.9% of the time, i go to the same one, just off the highway and on my way to the office.  they probably know me by my order at this point (an extra large green tea black for j, and an extra large earl grey, four milk and four sweetener for me) and it's kind of nice in a 'cheers' sort of way.  ("hello, norm!")

this morning, when i got to the office, j and i realized that the dude who usually makes our tea had drawn a happy face on the lid of our teas.  seriously, how cute is that - and it totally made my day.  thanks, timmy's guy! 


hearts and more hearts.

>> Sunday, January 8, 2012

lyrical open hearts in rose gold filled...
i find myself getting a little nervous about tomorrow's bellechic sale - i know it's the overachiever in me but i want to rock it.  so, to work off the nervous energy, i cleaned out my car (it's still a disaster), did a killer arm workout and then smashed the heck out of some wire.  and here is what i made.
... and in stunning sterling


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