summer giveaway winner - marciamenendez!

>> Saturday, July 3, 2010

oh! i keep forgetting to post - congrats to the lovely marciamenendez for winning my summer giveaway! the pair of rustic sterling wishbone earrings is hers! yay!!!!!


bye bye, bright city lights... hello, suburbia!

seriously, this has definitely been one of our more hectic weeks! moving is AWFUL, but we're done! we are now firmly ensconced in our new house, deep in suburbia! i have to admit that i have mixed feelings about moving from the city to the suburbs (i'm basically back close to the neighbourhood where i grew up - talk about going home again!) but the mini and the husband are thrilled. it seems like the mini is so happy booting around in the empty space! i never knew how QUIET things could be! i can actually hear the birds in the trees and the chipmunks doing running leaps onto our roof. weird.

even though most of our life is still in boxes, we feel settled. i've set up wireless internet throughout the house (even though it drops the signal intermittenly, it's still pretty awesome) and even gotten a head start getting my crafting area organized. how astonishing! of course, that's going to be turned upside down once the repairs on the house get started...


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