>> Saturday, February 11, 2012

showing off my new take on the spinnerette ring - 20 gauge bands with sterling silver faceted rounds set in orbit.  just lovely and definitely my new favorites!  (i hope the rest of the world thinks so!)


no ambition?

>> Friday, February 10, 2012

so i am slightly torn. at the organization where i work, a management position has come up in the program where i got my start. at one point, i even was the coordinator of the program. life happened though, and i left to focus on my home life. which i do not regret in the least, and it was probably the best decision i could have made. however, yesterday, the coordinator position was posted again. and of course, my first instinct was to apply. but my gut feeling said "don't do it". there are lots of reasons why i should, and lots of reasons why i shouldn't, but i realized that part of me feels like if i don't, will it mean that my ambition has dried up and blown away? and part of me thinks, who cares? maybe it's an ego thing, maybe it's a pride thing, but i think if i don't throw my hat in the ring, that there is something wrong with me. gah. darn you, human feelings!

so while i struggle with the career dilemma, i am adding another design to my spinnerette collection - the earrings for anxious people. i've taken my itsy bitsy hoops and added a tiny, gorgeous faceted sterling silver nugget... perfect for fidgeting with as one contemplates life's dilemmas.

so i thought about it, and thought about it


trio of spinnerettes.

>> Wednesday, February 8, 2012

obviously, i'm now obsessed with my spinnerette line (thanks, anne-marie!  see what positive reinforcement will do to a girl?).  today i listed the trinity set - three spinnerette rings, one sterling, one 14K gold fill and one 14K rose gold fill, each with their own little spinner.  i wear mine every day now and love the feeling on them on my finger!  i wonder if anyone in the office has noticed that i am now spinning them like crazy...

want your own set?  check out the listing here!


love. love. love.

in honor of the upcoming valentine's day - my most favorite holiday ever - i'm posting this lovely treasury (courtesy of the awesome heartomatic @craftcult) that had made it to the front page of etsy a long time ago. i still make the set of rings that they chose to feature... thank you, etsy, for the love!


jewelry for anxious people. (insert trademark here)

>> Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it's funny how you can connect with people over the internet - for a unabomber like me, it gets me my quotient of socialization without having to struggle with the nuances of going out.  and this example just rocks my world.  anne-marie, the fantastic bloggess making that amazing traveling red dress (check out her blog about anxiety, depression and conception here) had ordered some stacking rings from me last year and via the power of the twitter-verse, email, etsy and instagram (damn you, why is there not an instagram for BlackBerry???) we've slowly built a connection. 

i love anne-marie's blog because it is frank and honest and admittedly, she is pretty darn funny.  and now, she is the owner of one of my spinnerette rings - check out the gorgeous pictures above!  she has written the loveliest blog post connecting my ring with cognitive-behavioural techniques (CBT for short) and her own struggles to deal with panic attacks.  not only is it totally relevant, but it resonates with the art therapist/mental health worker in me.  THIS is why i make things.  THIS is why i melt metal.  take THAT, thesis advisor!!!! 

i sense an entire new line of anxious people jewelry. rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces.  because we rock like that, right, anne-marie???



>> Sunday, February 5, 2012

the way to hell is paved with good... chocolate cupcakes.  the view from my dining room table this morning.  yum.


tongue tied.

no wonder the marketing whizzes at apple snatched up this GROUPLOVE song for their iPod touch commercials - it really does encompass that feeling you get when you are heading to your newly-minted boyfriend's house with an awesome mixed tape that you are going to sit around and listen to with your friends. and eat chips. and maybe make out with said boyfriend a little.

(coincidentally, rick rabin, the drummer of GROUPLOVE, is the son of former 'yes' member trevor rabin. didn't i just talk about 'owner of a lonely heart'?)


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