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>> Friday, February 10, 2012

so i am slightly torn. at the organization where i work, a management position has come up in the program where i got my start. at one point, i even was the coordinator of the program. life happened though, and i left to focus on my home life. which i do not regret in the least, and it was probably the best decision i could have made. however, yesterday, the coordinator position was posted again. and of course, my first instinct was to apply. but my gut feeling said "don't do it". there are lots of reasons why i should, and lots of reasons why i shouldn't, but i realized that part of me feels like if i don't, will it mean that my ambition has dried up and blown away? and part of me thinks, who cares? maybe it's an ego thing, maybe it's a pride thing, but i think if i don't throw my hat in the ring, that there is something wrong with me. gah. darn you, human feelings!

so while i struggle with the career dilemma, i am adding another design to my spinnerette collection - the earrings for anxious people. i've taken my itsy bitsy hoops and added a tiny, gorgeous faceted sterling silver nugget... perfect for fidgeting with as one contemplates life's dilemmas.

so i thought about it, and thought about it


Anne-Mare @ Do Not Faint February 11, 2012 at 3:58 PM  

Hold the phone, lady. No ambition? Are you not part of the Quit Your Day Job club?

Questions you might ask yourself include:
"As coordinator, would I have less time to devote to my jewelry business? If so, how much dose that bother me?"
"Do I need the pay raise? If so, how badly?"
"Do I have the ambition to quit this day job and, instead, work with metal full-time? If so, how can I realize that ambition?"

Don't say you'll Quit Your Day Job if you don't mean it. The Etsy gods will strike you down!

Anonymous,  February 14, 2012 at 2:22 PM  

go somewhere you love to be alone
close your eyes and just listen
your heart will tell you what to do

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