i heart vintagefern!

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

structuredchaos hosted a promotional swap on her blog and i was lucky enough to be paired up with amy from vintagefern. she is a stay at home mom to three lovely girls and is married to her best friend! even though she must have her hands full with her family life, she still has the time to run her etsy shop - out of a need to create and stay busy. right now, although she says it's "just more of a hobby", she has a fabulous shop with some amazing products in it! pillowcase dresses, scrappy banners, appliqued onesies, quilts, market totes, and notecards, her shop is now defintely one of my favorites.

(one of amy's beautiful patchwork quilts)
i wandered over to amy's blog, which not only chronicles her crafty life, but is also peppered with snippets of her home life. and with sweet photos of her products! i am now officially green with envy over amy's mad sewing skills.
the promo package i received from amy was absolutely amazing. wrapped in lovely tissue paper, amy had sent me a sweet appliqued onesie for the mini, fantastic vintage inspired notecards and the most fabulous graphic tote bag, all expertly packaged. even her business cards were beautiful... amy, you put me to shame! thank you for sharing your talents with me. (and watch your mail for another little something from me!)


i heart my blog... and the teething!

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

the wonderful muddyboots has taken pity on my poor lil blog and given us a redesign! i think that it makes things a little easier to navigate - and who doesn't love a new look? so thank you, muddyboots - we LOVE you! any feedback would also be great as i tweak things as i go - so let me know what you think!

speaking of new, the mini has a new tooth! i was despairing over the past couple of weeks over her new non-sleeping schedule but then we realized that it looked like her two bottom teeth were coming in. i went to the pharmacy and got some barfy tasting orajel - and she slept like the mini i remembered! last night, i noticed that one tiny little tooth had broken the skin... sigh! my baby's growing up. hopefully soon she'll be a little less fussy as she gets used to the sensation of teething... i have some new designs in my head that need to come out!

(it also looks like she's going to be the next crocodile hunter. tres cool!)


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