the joy of a mixed tape. (or CD. or playlist.)

>> Sunday, February 20, 2011

i am a huge fan of the mixed tape. in my parents' basement, there are boxes of cassettes that i made by either taping off the radio, dubbing from other sources, or gotten from old boyfriends. i even love the way cassettes LOOK - now they are considered "retro" or "vintage" in the digital age (and yes, i am dating myself but i don't care.)
mixed CDs too are pretty fantastic - sometimes i load the mini into the car in the mornings and start the engine and the husband will have put a new mix into the CD player and off we go, dancing in our seats to some new band that he found while trolling music sites on the internet. thecharmlady on twitter tweets the BEST in music - i'm slowly compiling stuff from her playlists to make my own. my friend M from the office makes these epic mp3 mixes that we upload to our computers - we have very similar musical tastes - and we are always in competition to show each other something new. (it's quite disturbing to us that the order of the songs get mixed up when we import it into itunes - whatever happened to the sweet science of curating songs?) my ipod is just one big playlist of music that i use when i go running and i'm tempted to buy another one with more memory just so i can add more playlists to it. the mini knows that the ipod dock in the kitchen has her favorite They Might Be Giants song on it (the mesopotamians - go figure!)
it's funny how music - no matter what format it's in - still continues to MOVE us. i'm hoping that we are sharing the joy of music with the mini - who already has a fantastic sense of rhythm.
(the awesome cassette tape ring is made by CsCharms on etsy! rock on!)


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