>> Saturday, September 10, 2011

i think i am a geek at heart. i love all the new technology "gadgets" - iPods, laptops, netbooks, e-readers, smartphones... sigh. i don't know how we ever got anything done or kept up with friends and family before this stupendous age. (where IS that new pink iPod i ordered????)


backyard farming. kind of.

>> Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i've always dreamed of having a huge backyard garden, with rows upon rows of vegetables and perennials.  however, not having the best green thumb and a memory like a sieve (lack of watering, much?) my best laid springtime planning always ends up falling by the wayside and then i turn around and it's the end of the summer.  however, one staple in our garden is the ubiquitous tomato plant, probably because they are easy to grow and virtually maintains itself.  this year, we planted two tiny cherry tomato seedlings into a huge pot and watched them grow.  no pesticides and barely any fertilizer except for the coffee grounds from the husband's french press.  the mini took great pride in watering the plants with her little watering can and was rewarded with being able to pick off the tomatoes as they ripened.  (see picture above).  maybe next year we will expand our little organic backyard adventure.  wild strawberries, anyone?


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