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>> Friday, February 8, 2013

so i downloaded this song 2 days ago and i've already listened to it 27 times. oh wait, 28. thanks, one two.


pen & paper.

once upon a time, a little girl received a calligraphy pen and set of ink from a teacher.  over time she taught herself how to handletter, and in doing so, started a romance with all different types of fonts. 

okay, so that's not the most exciting story ever, but it's true.  i've done wedding invites, tshirt designs, countless flyers and other papery things.  my handwriting has actually appeared in newsletters and yearbooks.  it hasn't brought me any fame or fortune, but it's kind of nice to know that people like the way i write.

in a fit of artistic creativity, i've reopened my paper goods shop (duly renamed The Lovely Script - check me out HERE) and am now offering handscripted items like these awesome moleskine notebooks.  watch for more in the days to come. 


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