the power of one.

>> Thursday, December 29, 2011

they say that the true test of a person's character is if one is content with who one is, without the influence of other people, without any encumbrances.  apparently, the 'epiphany of true happiness' is being happy alone with oneself.  in other words, if you are someone you'd hang out with, then you're set.

i can't say that i'm 100% content with being by myself - at first, it's great, but after a while, i end up talking to myself.  and when i'm away from the mini too long, i miss her.  however, i've been making my skinny stacking rings in quantity for some time, and i have forgotten how lovely they are on their own.  just one skinny ring is minimal, modern, super cool, silvery, luminous, thin and gorgeous.  want one?


bag lady.

i've always worried that by some cruel twist of fate, i could become a so-called "bag lady", living out of my plethora of amazing purses and my broken down car. i realize, however, that i AM a bag lady of sorts... i cannot stop browsing the spectacular handmade choices on etsy. (as we speak, i am anxiously awaiting my latest bag - a belated xmas gift to myself. a little selfish maybe, but i have been VERY good this year.)


sick day.

>> Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the mini and i were up all night - the poor thing has a cold and now i do too.  sigh.  but it was very cool to wake up and feel like we were living in a snow globe!  small consolation for the runny noses and headache!

(i am praying that this doesn't end up being a online shopping day though.  yikes.)



>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

lalaloopsy 1, 2, 3 & 4.  no, we do not know all of their names yet.
my house is filled with them.  i have to admit that i am somewhat enamored with their huge heads and wide, spaced-out eyes, but they sure aren't cuddly.  the mini LOVES hers - she must have gotten a ton of the little itsy bitsy ones and 3 of the larger ones for xmas - but she tried to take one of them to bed the other day and was not happy.  it's all plastic and edgy and not at all soft.  but seriously, how can one resist??????


twisted. in gold.

i've been playing around with some fantastic 14k gold filled wire that arrived shortly before the holidays.  someone had requested a stack of them for gift giving, but never came back to purchase them.  never one to be deterred by that sort of thing, i went ahead and made up a little mini stack for myself and i have to admit that i love them.  i am not a 'gold' person by any means - white metals are more my style - but these are delicate and just lovely.  the silver solder seam is a great contrast to the shimmery gold twists, and can be worn individually or with tons of other rings.  because you know me, i love options.


boxing day.

>> Monday, December 26, 2011

the history of boxing day originates from the post-holiday tradition where wealthy individuals and landowners would bestow upon their servants a box of goodies, in thanks for their servitude throughout the year.  apparently dating from the middle ages, this tradition now manifests itself as a crazy statutory holiday in canada, where everything and anything goes on sale and people line up to get all the things they didn't get for christmas.  (note to self: consumerism does not really pay off)

i am thankful that this boxing day, the mini and i are not going anywhere.  we are cleaning up the wrapping paper aftermath, vacuuming up all the pine needles from our little (not anymore) live tree, and rearranging the basement to make space for all the new toys that she received from santa.  the husband sadly had to go to work, but as long as he avoids the malls, he should be just fine. 

however, i couldn't let the holiday go by without at least acknowledging it in some small way - so there is a little sale goes on in my shop - use the code "BOXME" for 15% off your entire order - only until the 31st! 

back to tidying up and eating the remaining bailey's chocolates from my stocking.... but i'm leaving the tree up till mid-january.  ha HA.


merry christmas, everyone!

>> Sunday, December 25, 2011

happiest of holidays to you and yours!  xoxooxox


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