boxing day.

>> Monday, December 26, 2011

the history of boxing day originates from the post-holiday tradition where wealthy individuals and landowners would bestow upon their servants a box of goodies, in thanks for their servitude throughout the year.  apparently dating from the middle ages, this tradition now manifests itself as a crazy statutory holiday in canada, where everything and anything goes on sale and people line up to get all the things they didn't get for christmas.  (note to self: consumerism does not really pay off)

i am thankful that this boxing day, the mini and i are not going anywhere.  we are cleaning up the wrapping paper aftermath, vacuuming up all the pine needles from our little (not anymore) live tree, and rearranging the basement to make space for all the new toys that she received from santa.  the husband sadly had to go to work, but as long as he avoids the malls, he should be just fine. 

however, i couldn't let the holiday go by without at least acknowledging it in some small way - so there is a little sale goes on in my shop - use the code "BOXME" for 15% off your entire order - only until the 31st! 

back to tidying up and eating the remaining bailey's chocolates from my stocking.... but i'm leaving the tree up till mid-january.  ha HA.


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