yay for iPod!

>> Saturday, December 24, 2011

yesterday i got an email from apple stating that my new iPod - the one that will be replacing my recalled 1st generation nano - went out yesterday via UPS.  i could not be more stoked.  while some people are reporting that they received a new iPod exactly like the recalled one, apparently some individuals have received one of the 7th generation iPods.  hmmmm.  i wonder what will be in my package????

thanks again, apple.  seriously, you rock.


bagel boy.

this is not the bagel boy.  but by golly, it could be his brother.
there is a baker at our local bagel store who, i swear, looks uncannily like brad pitt, circa the 'true romance/thelma & louise era', but without the honey bear bong or the dopey drawl.  i keep joking to L that i am going to set him up with her - there is nothing better than an attractive man who bakes for a living.  (of course, the guy could be a reformed axe murderer for all i know.) every saturday, we see him, slaving over a hot oven.  however, today, he totally surprised me by giving the mini and i each a tiny little shortbread cookie with sprinkles on top for christmas!  how sweet is that!  although the holidays sometimes bring out the worse in people (yesterday, it seemed that the devil had possessed every person on the road, and we must have passed at least 4 car accidents on the way home), it is these small gestures that redeem humankind to me (of course, the dude's stunning baby blues, flour dusted apron, and tattooed forearms sure doesn't hurt any.  thank you, baby jesus.)

happy christmas eve, everyone - and you too, bagel brad!


winter rose.

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

the holiday season is definitely ramping up, but for us in the handmade business, fabrication and postal service limitations mean that our season is winding down. things are definitely much quieter in the shop these days, and the break is kind of nice. (it's really great to be able to browse with impunity!)

this morning i woke up to this lovely treasury by stacy from retromodernart. thank you stacy! these choices are definitely GORGEOUS!


only 5 days to go!

>> Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fantastic washi tape from the lovely leboxboutique

it's crazy how fast the time just goes. i can't believe that it is only 5 days (well, even less now!) until christmas. and it is totally different when you have a kid - it gives you every excuse to pull out all the stops - and the cheesiest ones, of course.   my living room is strewn with wrapping paper and ribbon and glitter and tape, and i still haven't wrapped everything.  my fingers are raw and shredded from the acid bath and my sanding blocks as i get all the last minute jewelry orders out the door. my mastercard is straining from the financial burden i have suddenly piled on it. and my oven is constantly going with holiday baking.

it's a miracle that it all gets done - but the even bigger miracle is having all of these marvelous reasons to do it all.


bergamot & the earl.

>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

for the last 18 months, each workday for me has started with a hot earl grey tea, complete with four milk and four sweetener. i can't imagine sitting at my desk without one. :) (thanks, j!) it's the dreamy smell of the bergamot that i love - i am constantly on a quest to find the perfect scent to wear - seriously, i know i'm not the only person who loves the smell of earl grey!

etsy is full of bergamot/earl grey inspired items - and here are some of the best! (i just snatched up some bergamot perfume oil and body butter from bodyluxe and i can't wait to get them!)


knotted up in you. the bangle.

i feel like i've been negligent in posting any new designs - because frankly, between day to day life stuff and keeping up with holiday orders, i haven't had much time to play around with anything.  however, someone requested a knot bangle based on my knot ring and of course i was intrigued.  i had been thinking about making one for a while now, but just never had the inclination.

the person didn't come back to my shop, but i still made the bangle anyway - in both sterling and rose gold filled.  and it is just lovely - delicate, simple and sweet.  wedding, valentine's day, mother's day... wish i had had these out in time for the holidays!



so this one is for L and the gals at the office with whom i have started a lottery pool with. we really want to win. not too much - we are not greedy - but just enough to pay off our mortgages, credit card debt and vehicles. we don't mind working still (uh, duh - i'd definitely go back to school to be a metalsmith/welder), but it would be nice to just not necessarily HAVE to.

(and who doesn't love this song! unfortunately, the original drops the f-bomb and since this is a family-friendly blog, i didn't want to post it here. thank goodness the pretty boys on glee do it up nice.)


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