bagel boy.

>> Saturday, December 24, 2011

this is not the bagel boy.  but by golly, it could be his brother.
there is a baker at our local bagel store who, i swear, looks uncannily like brad pitt, circa the 'true romance/thelma & louise era', but without the honey bear bong or the dopey drawl.  i keep joking to L that i am going to set him up with her - there is nothing better than an attractive man who bakes for a living.  (of course, the guy could be a reformed axe murderer for all i know.) every saturday, we see him, slaving over a hot oven.  however, today, he totally surprised me by giving the mini and i each a tiny little shortbread cookie with sprinkles on top for christmas!  how sweet is that!  although the holidays sometimes bring out the worse in people (yesterday, it seemed that the devil had possessed every person on the road, and we must have passed at least 4 car accidents on the way home), it is these small gestures that redeem humankind to me (of course, the dude's stunning baby blues, flour dusted apron, and tattooed forearms sure doesn't hurt any.  thank you, baby jesus.)

happy christmas eve, everyone - and you too, bagel brad!


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