please please please.

>> Friday, September 23, 2011

seriously, after the last two months i've had, really.

(and still a classic after all these years. better than any of the covers that have been done subsequently too. damn you and your romantic soul, morrissey!)


i heart my pink iPod.

so today has been one of those weird weather days.  the mini and i were running around in the park (well, she was running, i was limping along behind her because i threw my back out this morning) and the clouds were spooooky awesome.  we took pictures because we couldn't believe the weird formations!  totally unreal.  then the skies opened up and we splashed our way home.
true to form, as she does whenever there is inclement weather, the mini takes monster naps.  which gave me a chance to enjoy my new refurbished pink iPod (thank you, ebay!) and a return to my jewelry making roots - beading!  my niece requested a blue beaded necklace for her birthday and i sat at the dining room table to work.  i seriously had forgotten how therapeutic stringing can be.  and i used a stunning swarovski heart as the focal piece.  (i am not posting a picture just in case she is creeping my blog, LOL)  there is nothing like a rainy day, listening to retro depeche mode, txting my peeps from my BlackBerry, and beading.  now if those painkillers would just kick in, and someone else would make dinner, everything would be perfect.



>> Sunday, September 18, 2011

nope, this is not a picture of some alien landscape (even though it DOES look kind of cool).  it's actually a shot of the inside of my tumbler.  i have had issues with it since the winter - the rubber ring that holds the lid on and the water and stainless steel shot inside broke and i couldn't find a replacement for weeks, and shortly after that, all of the items i put in there to tumble would come out oxidized and dull.  i couldn't figure out for the life of me what was causing this.  however, with the help of the power of google, process of elimination and a little common sense, i figured out a solution!  a few tablespoons of baking soda in the water and i ran the empty barrel for a couple of hours and my problem was solved!  (interesting to note, and i should have known this beforehand - this solution causes gases to build up and let's just say, my tumbler was a little bloated when i went to turn it off.  so don't run it too long like i did.)  the stainless steel shot seems to now be clean and we are good to go again.  apparently you can also use flat Coke to clean the shot or some fancy tumbler solution but i'm on a budget, love my diet Coke too much to let it go flat, and the baking soda did just fine.  and here i thought i was losing my mojo.


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