some new finds.

>> Friday, July 8, 2011

things have been a little quiet here on the creative front - my daytime job has been crazy busy which means home gets crazy busy too and i have had barely any time to set any fires. but i did take a little downtime to browse etsy and find some new favorites. i just might have to buy myself a late birthday present. :)



brighter discontent.

>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

because season 7 of grey's anatomy is not out yet, L is making her way through nip/tuck. i had watched it for a while, but having a baby kind of derailed that. however, i am a huge fan of the corrupt doctors (julian mcmahon in particular) and hopefully one day i'll get caught up. in the meantime, L sent me this video. super cool. i wish i knew what the significance was. (i really have to start watching some grown up TV other than the news.)


more hoops (and yes, i lied)

i seriously think that these are my new favorites.  yeah, i guess that makes me a liar since i told everyone that my new "wishbone" earrings were my favorite.  i bought a drapey tank top on sale last week and it has the tiniest gold seedbeads sprinkled across the bodice.  however, because of the warmer tones, i didn't feel that my usual sterling hoops were a good match.  i don't usually wear yellow gold but decided that a whisper-thin hoop would complement the top yet not be overbearingly golden.  so here they are - extra large, 14K gold filled hoops, hammered and textured.  and my new favorite.   (the only problem is that the mini loves them too and i've already had to reshape them 20 times from her trying to pull them out of my ears and play with them.)


bittersweet birthday.

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it was hard to feel like celebrating today.  i was at court this morning - yes, i worked on my birthday - and ended up being an observer at a police funeral.  constable garrett styles had been killed in the line of duty last week and thousands of police officers, as well as fire and EMS personnel, descended on newmarket, ontario, to pay their last respects.  i found myself teary-eyed as i watched by the side of the road as the uniformed men and women marched by in silent formation, to the beat of the police drummers and the melancholy bagpipe melody.  the husband asked me why i felt so emotional in regards to this police officer's death - no, i didn't know him or his family - but it is just so sad to know that sometimes life takes a tragic turn and your entire existence is extinguished.  i know that i should have some compassion for the young man who's rash and impulsive choices led to the devastating circumstances of this officer's death, but i cannot help but feel immense, overwhelming sadness for the family he is leaving behind and the law enforcement community.  the media has also jumped on the bandwagon and sensationalized the whole story, right down to someone releasing the audio clip of styles' last radio call - but what shines through is this policeman's bravery and concern for the others involved in this accident.  RIP, Constable Styles.  God bless you, wherever you are.


unexpected affection.

>> Monday, July 4, 2011

so L has been on the dating circuit lately, trying to move on from mr. robot. and she's been doing a great job and we've definitely been having fun with it - her in real life, and me vicariously. seriously, who breaks up with three - yes, THREE - guys in the span of just as many weeks. i think that each guy definitely had his own merits (but also no job, too churchy and too many moles that wiggled on their own - superficial i know but kind of deal breakers)- but just not the "spark" that she's been looking for. but i think it's been good for her self esteem, having survived mr. robot and his ego.

while she doesn't think that she has found her next true love yet, we've been texting about how sometimes love (or something quite close to it) finds you when you least expect it. kind of like the christina perri song "arms" says(see above) - about how she finds herself in love with someone at the most unexpected moment. love it when that happens. awesome.

i also feel that way about this song by she & him - i just had to investigate zooey deschanel's musical venture after finding out she is married to ben gibbard (i'm thinking - what does the guy behind death cab for cutie like from a musical standpoint? and she better be good if she's married to him). i find myself surprisingly falling for this song. smart, pop-y and sweet, i wasn't really sure of it at first... but now it's in heavy rotation.

love & affection really does find you when you least expect it. it kind of hits you like a runaway train and whisks you away. (even though it sometimes complicates things too.)


the open hoop. again.

>> Sunday, July 3, 2011

 yes.  i am obsessed.  the idea of the open hoop earring is floating through my brain all the time lately (that and that darned katy perry song "california girls" - the mini is crazy over it and we've listened to it about 50 times in the last two days - don't ask) - probably because i have about 10 feet of gorgeous, reclaimed sterling silver sitting on my worktable and i can't stop myself from fooling around with it.  (oops.  that sounds kind of dirty.)  i just pulled these babies out of the tumbler and i think they are my new favorites.  they are a larger version than the ones i made earlier this week and are more along the lines of my "wishbone" earrings.  they are lightweight and just full of silvery shiny goodness - the little rustic balled ends are also a nice design element, i think.
i had asked my friend julie for her feedback on the earlier version and she said that she preferred the "wishbone" design rather than the crossover.  (like L, julie has impeccable taste and is a fantastic model for my jewelry - not the mention the inspiration behind the original mini open hoops)  and i think i have to agree.  i'm loving the more improvised, informal shape of these, as well as the softer lines and rounder forms.  i think that i'm going to make myself a killer iTunes playlist, melt a little metal, and go a little larger with the next set of earrings. 

hmmmm.  stay tuned for more.  i'm psyched.


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