more hoops (and yes, i lied)

>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i seriously think that these are my new favorites.  yeah, i guess that makes me a liar since i told everyone that my new "wishbone" earrings were my favorite.  i bought a drapey tank top on sale last week and it has the tiniest gold seedbeads sprinkled across the bodice.  however, because of the warmer tones, i didn't feel that my usual sterling hoops were a good match.  i don't usually wear yellow gold but decided that a whisper-thin hoop would complement the top yet not be overbearingly golden.  so here they are - extra large, 14K gold filled hoops, hammered and textured.  and my new favorite.   (the only problem is that the mini loves them too and i've already had to reshape them 20 times from her trying to pull them out of my ears and play with them.)


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