unexpected affection.

>> Monday, July 4, 2011

so L has been on the dating circuit lately, trying to move on from mr. robot. and she's been doing a great job and we've definitely been having fun with it - her in real life, and me vicariously. seriously, who breaks up with three - yes, THREE - guys in the span of just as many weeks. i think that each guy definitely had his own merits (but also no job, too churchy and too many moles that wiggled on their own - superficial i know but kind of deal breakers)- but just not the "spark" that she's been looking for. but i think it's been good for her self esteem, having survived mr. robot and his ego.

while she doesn't think that she has found her next true love yet, we've been texting about how sometimes love (or something quite close to it) finds you when you least expect it. kind of like the christina perri song "arms" says(see above) - about how she finds herself in love with someone at the most unexpected moment. love it when that happens. awesome.

i also feel that way about this song by she & him - i just had to investigate zooey deschanel's musical venture after finding out she is married to ben gibbard (i'm thinking - what does the guy behind death cab for cutie like from a musical standpoint? and she better be good if she's married to him). i find myself surprisingly falling for this song. smart, pop-y and sweet, i wasn't really sure of it at first... but now it's in heavy rotation.

love & affection really does find you when you least expect it. it kind of hits you like a runaway train and whisks you away. (even though it sometimes complicates things too.)


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