bittersweet birthday.

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it was hard to feel like celebrating today.  i was at court this morning - yes, i worked on my birthday - and ended up being an observer at a police funeral.  constable garrett styles had been killed in the line of duty last week and thousands of police officers, as well as fire and EMS personnel, descended on newmarket, ontario, to pay their last respects.  i found myself teary-eyed as i watched by the side of the road as the uniformed men and women marched by in silent formation, to the beat of the police drummers and the melancholy bagpipe melody.  the husband asked me why i felt so emotional in regards to this police officer's death - no, i didn't know him or his family - but it is just so sad to know that sometimes life takes a tragic turn and your entire existence is extinguished.  i know that i should have some compassion for the young man who's rash and impulsive choices led to the devastating circumstances of this officer's death, but i cannot help but feel immense, overwhelming sadness for the family he is leaving behind and the law enforcement community.  the media has also jumped on the bandwagon and sensationalized the whole story, right down to someone releasing the audio clip of styles' last radio call - but what shines through is this policeman's bravery and concern for the others involved in this accident.  RIP, Constable Styles.  God bless you, wherever you are.


BizzieLizzie July 6, 2011 at 2:32 AM  

Happy Birthday my friend! A day late and a dollar short! You share a birthday with my brother. Now it will be forever etched in my memory! (((HUGS)))

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