going green.

>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

we have a postage stamp sized lawn.  well, okay, probably not postage stamp sized, but definitely not huge.  as of late, however, we noticed that the grass was starting to get a little too high and making our garden look very unkempt.  plus the weeds were starting to take over - who has more dandelions than flowers?  ew.

so the mini and i set out yesterday morning to see what we could see at home depot in regards to lawnmowers and weed control.  the mini went berzerk when we rolled up to the mower aisle - she is CRAZY about lawnmowers, probably because my father is obsessive about his lawn and is constantly grooming it.  we looked at gas models (seriously, too much work) and electric models (seriously, too expensive) when we saw this nifty little 14" Scott's push model.  hmmm.  a little bit retro, a lot environmentally cool, and the perfect size to do our lawn chores with.  we pushed it around the store a little and decided that this was the one for us!  we also saw a black and bright yellow weed puller upper thing  (so shoot me, i don't know exactly what to call them) and decided to get that instead of some of the weed killer sprays.  (the mini loves to dig in the garden and i worry that she'll accidentally eat some of it.) 

we got home and put everything together (the mower was surprisingly easy to assemble) and set out to conquer the garden - and fantastically, everything worked amazingly.  i cut the grass and the mini followed behind, using her little pink bubble mower.  not only did we cut the lawn and weed the garden, but we also did it in a really "green" way - just using good old sweat and muscle!  who knew we could be so eco-conscious!!!!


made of stone.

>> Friday, May 20, 2011

anybody who knows me knows i am a sucker for covers of my favorite songs. we even used to play the lullaby renditions of coldplay, nirvana and metallica for the mini when she was a baby (enter sandman, anyone?) i'm pretty sure she didn't care one way or the other but i thought they were brilliant. 

i stumbled upon this stark piano version of the stone roses' "made of stone" this morning (i woke up with the song in my head) and it's perfect for a gray friday morning such as this.   apparently, the song refers to the artist jackson pollock's tumultuous life and subsequent death (perhaps suicide?) in an alcohol-related car accident.  guitarist john squire's cover art for that album was influenced by pollock's works.  (one of the roses' lyrics even directly references pollock - "she looks like a painting, jackson pollock's no. 5" - but seriously, who wants to look like that?  not me.)

the accompanying youtube video here is quite lovely too - i've never been to spike island, but it looks like a really nice place.


nosing around.

>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

i've been working on expanding my jewelry line as of late - i've had some time to try some new ideas and i'm pretty happy with the results.  not that there haven't been a few glitches along the way (it seems that i am one of those people who needs to make their own mistakes instead of learning from the mistakes of others.  sigh.)

i will now be carrying these whisper-thin, rustic and organic nose rings in my shop!  they are available in sterling, 14K gold filled and rose gold filled versions, as well as in two different gauges (18 and 20).  i actually asked my friend Lisa to test drive them for me because, while i do wish i had a nose ring, i tend to scar easily and am pretty convinced that i would probably end up with a huge wound instead of a nose piercing. ( so not hot. )  thank you, Lis - for testing these and being my model - and for letting me pay you in jewelry.


May's Design Challenge - the POLL is Up!

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2011

just giving some support to my etsy team's design challenge! check out all the beautiful entries (and if you're so inclined, you can go vote here - http://etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com )


highway of endless dreams.

>> Tuesday, May 17, 2011

not really trying to listen to songs with lyrics these days ... kind of sensitive right now to sweet words, especially after a long day of working at things that i am not even remotely interested in and sitting in rooms with hostile vibes. but this song is the perfect combination of drone, ambient, electronic and voice. thank you, m83! going to get in my car now for a long drive...

(while i'm not huge on that whole japanese 'manga' trend, i have to give this youtube-r props for such suitable drawings!)


life is beautiful.

>> Monday, May 16, 2011

even though
it seems that every day has been a rainy day forever
dinner is burned
you gained 5 pounds
the to-do list keeps getting bigger
you don't balance the books
the phone calls don't stop
and of course, you don't get the guy

life really is beautiful. it really is.


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