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>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

we have a postage stamp sized lawn.  well, okay, probably not postage stamp sized, but definitely not huge.  as of late, however, we noticed that the grass was starting to get a little too high and making our garden look very unkempt.  plus the weeds were starting to take over - who has more dandelions than flowers?  ew.

so the mini and i set out yesterday morning to see what we could see at home depot in regards to lawnmowers and weed control.  the mini went berzerk when we rolled up to the mower aisle - she is CRAZY about lawnmowers, probably because my father is obsessive about his lawn and is constantly grooming it.  we looked at gas models (seriously, too much work) and electric models (seriously, too expensive) when we saw this nifty little 14" Scott's push model.  hmmm.  a little bit retro, a lot environmentally cool, and the perfect size to do our lawn chores with.  we pushed it around the store a little and decided that this was the one for us!  we also saw a black and bright yellow weed puller upper thing  (so shoot me, i don't know exactly what to call them) and decided to get that instead of some of the weed killer sprays.  (the mini loves to dig in the garden and i worry that she'll accidentally eat some of it.) 

we got home and put everything together (the mower was surprisingly easy to assemble) and set out to conquer the garden - and fantastically, everything worked amazingly.  i cut the grass and the mini followed behind, using her little pink bubble mower.  not only did we cut the lawn and weed the garden, but we also did it in a really "green" way - just using good old sweat and muscle!  who knew we could be so eco-conscious!!!!


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