made of stone.

>> Friday, May 20, 2011

anybody who knows me knows i am a sucker for covers of my favorite songs. we even used to play the lullaby renditions of coldplay, nirvana and metallica for the mini when she was a baby (enter sandman, anyone?) i'm pretty sure she didn't care one way or the other but i thought they were brilliant. 

i stumbled upon this stark piano version of the stone roses' "made of stone" this morning (i woke up with the song in my head) and it's perfect for a gray friday morning such as this.   apparently, the song refers to the artist jackson pollock's tumultuous life and subsequent death (perhaps suicide?) in an alcohol-related car accident.  guitarist john squire's cover art for that album was influenced by pollock's works.  (one of the roses' lyrics even directly references pollock - "she looks like a painting, jackson pollock's no. 5" - but seriously, who wants to look like that?  not me.)

the accompanying youtube video here is quite lovely too - i've never been to spike island, but it looks like a really nice place.


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